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Your Local Number Porting Experts

Full service, end-to-end solutions for local number porting, CSR / LSR, LSMS, and local number ownership lookup.

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Local Number Porting

From CSR/LSR to SV activation and every step in between, offers a suite of local number porting platforms to meet every business use case. Our goal is to save you money, reduce human error, and provide the best, most technologically-advanced platforms on the market.


PortingPro is an innovative, revolutionary, end-to-end porting solution intuitively designed and modernized for managing, automating, and administering the essential functions of local number porting for small to medium-sized CLECs, ILECs, MSO/Cable, Wireless, and VoIP Providers.

Local Number Porting


PortControl is our newest re-built from scratch framework that allows any company to create and receive local service requests (LSRs) via one single interface. Receive port-out requests, send port-out requests to fellow PortControl users, manage and track your trading partners, or utilize’s award-winning service bureau to handle LSRs that still require some manual intervention.

Local Number Porting


LRN-Pro, at its core, is a real-time, local copy of the NPAC database. With APIs available for the United States, Canada, and/or the whole of North America, this is the simplest method to receive constant routing data updates. Generally, the switch has to do a dip in the call path in order to know how to route calls and with these routes changing every time a number is ported, it’s imperative to have real-time updates.

Local Number Porting

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